Minimalist Home In The Mountains

Minimalist Home In The Mountains

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We dont usually publish unfurnished houses but decided to make an exception here. This mountain home, designed by architects from yuusuke karasawa architects, is situated in the mountains of Japans Bōsō Peninsula and takes the simple form a cube and transforms it into a unique and almost futuristic space. Without the typical mountain cabin effects like taxidermy and fireplaces, this weekend home is much more serene and a perfect retreat for creatives.

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The exterior of the cabin, constructed from rose mahogany, betrays the theme of the design out right. The overall shape is a simple cube while the single window on each wall is a rotated square, which is an idea that carries through every aspect of the interior.

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A bathroom is not the most unusual place to see a cube shape used, but this particular one is encased entirely in glass. The removed location of the cabin allows anyone inside the room to see all the way to the outside while still maintaining privacy, which is perhaps the ultimate luxury.

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The countertops in the small kitchen are some of the only built in facets of the cabin. Of course, Japanese design is no stranger to space efficiency, so a short counter and small sink offer more than enough in the way of appliances.

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The spiral staircase uses long, thin slats for each step and barely-there white railings. The distinctive way that the stairs turn is nearly reminiscent of an Escher staircase.

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The second floor of the home is especially original. For this design, the cube shape has been turned, rotated, bended around. The result is a uniquely shaped landing with railings protecting from suddenly dropping off into an unexpected hole that leads to the second floor.

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From a different angle, we can see how the “holes” in the floor offer a view all the way up and down, giving a clear impression of the cube theme that pervades the house.

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