3 Red And Grey Modern Home Interiors In The Lap Of Luxury

3 Red And Grey Modern Home Interiors In The Lap Of Luxury

Luxurious twists shape these three impressive red and grey accent modern home interiors. FInd a myriad of tasteful and classic touches teamed up with contemporary red furniture that’s made only for the bold and highly confident. Find colour coordinated modern art, airy open plan spaces laid out to perfection, precise panel molding, precious metallic elements, deluxe home lighting solutions, and bespoke installations. There is also a luxe marble trend at play in the rooms of these homes; marble covered furniture and special features appear in refined lounge areas and formal dining rooms, plus marble clad floors and installations in their beautiful bathrooms and kitchens.

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  • Visualizer: ATO studio construction
Red explodes from a modern accent chair into the smart monochrome living room of home number one. A sleek L-shaped grey sofa wraps two sides of the lounge area, defining it from the kitchen behind.

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Mix and match nesting coffee tables make an attractive layered arrangement, with a small black table overlapping a luxe white marble tabletop.

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A grey media shelf draws a glossy line through rich wood grain tv wall decor. It serves as a modern mantelshelf, loaded with an array of decorative items.

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The unique kitchen design behind the living room sofa is home to a round dining table and chairs set. Black dining room pendant lights hang in a heavy trio above the eating area. Red artwork decorates the wall. The walls are lit up top with hidden strips lights to cast an atmospheric glow around the perimeter of the room.

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Grey and blue accents create a restful colour palette inside the master bedroom. A set of three bedroom pendant lights float above a relaxing reading area by the window.

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Gold strips thread through a textured feature wall behind the headboard, making a precious sheen.

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The plush bedroom is reflected in a large mirror behind the reading nook in the window. Sheer white voiles blow at the windows.

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Inside a single bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp provides reading light over a platform bed. A home workspace takes up the window spot.

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Texture adds depth to the decor scheme: A knitted grey pouf crouches on a deep pile rug, beside a headboard feature wall of extruded blocks.

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A dramatically large and back lit vanity mirror makes a burning ring of light against the dark wood wall of a luxury bathroom.

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Chrome covers the sides of an impressive freestanding bathtub, with a glorious shine that reflects the marvellous marble floor.

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  • Visualizer: N Team Design
An enormous red modern sofa expands through the light grey living room of home tour number two.

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The red sofa modules snake back on themselves to make a double sided seating arrangement. A grey area rug peeps out from beneath half of the sofa, drawing attention to its wraparound nature. Panel molding adds an element of sophistication across the neighbouring walls.

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Wood chevron flooring stops abruptly as the open plan room transitions into a kitchen diner space.

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The elegant white kitchen features a dainty cooking island, which is equipped with a couple of bar stools at one side.

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Gas burners are integrated right into the white marble countertop. A white oven is tucked beneath.

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Inside the master bedroom, the platform bed is a plush deeply cushioned design. A winged headboard gives the piece a classic silhouette.

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Repositionable reading lights push out from a panel molded black accent wall behind the headboard. A charcoal bordered rug makes an island for the light grey upholstered bed. Chrome bedsides add a reflective element to the dark ensemble.

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Indoor plants push up out of chrome planters in the corner of the lavish bedroom design.

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A chunky marble countertop and sink crosses the white vanity unit.

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Apartment floor plan.

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  • Visualizer: Iqosa
Our third red and grey accent home tour covers a particularly large floor area, where a two tone rug marks out the luxury living room.

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Two red accent chairs exaggerate the air of confidence inside this impressive abode.

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The window frames add a bold black element to the light room, which is then translated into black linear coffee tables in the centre of the space.

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A black recess cuts across the base of the TV wall; it houses media items, a modern fireplace and a log store.

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A gold side table and a golden vase embellish the living room.

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Red, black and gold toned scatter cushions spice up one plain white sofa.

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White marble forms a hearth across the full width of the room.

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A classical bust sculpture stands on a wall mounted black sideboard behind the red chairs, looking past a piece of red accented artwork.

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Decorative vases and a glass table lamp catch the natural light from the windows.

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Ten dining chairs surround the huge glass table.

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The glass table is complete with glass legs, making the huge piece appear barely there.

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An imposing black kitchen island is rooted into a black marble base.

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Two linear suspension lights team up to illuminate the lengthy black kitchen island.

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The surrounding floor is kept light to showcase the dark design feature at its centre.

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A large wine cooler is set into the bank of full height units at one side of the room.

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